Grid Data Synergy : Integration of grid measurement and smart meter data for advanced low voltage grid operation applications



Academic Partner : 
HEIG-VD/IESE (Institut d'Énergie et Systèmes Électriques)

Coordinators :
Prof. Mokhtar Bozorg et Prof. Mauro Carpita

Industrial Partner:
DEPsys SA, and Services Industriels de Genève (SIG)

This project is part of the “SCCER-FURIES Digitalization of Power Grid” project which is funded through Innosuisse SCCER Digitalization programme.

Start : June 1, 2019         Duration : 18 months

Summary (EN)

The aim of this project is the development of an application for automatic integration and validation of Smart Meter data and Grid Measurements Devices Data for advanced low voltage grid operation applications. This will be achieved through:

  • Development of forecast algorithm for intraday nodal power forecast using grid measurement devices data (intraday stream) and smart meter data (batch data of previous day)
  • Development of required interface/application for automatic integration of smart meter data and Grid measurement data. The interface is compatible with the data platform of Smart Meter and the platform of grid measurement device (i.e., GridEye platform of DEPsys)
  • Automated cross validation of input data from two sources according to available network data.
  • Demonstration of state estimation application based on nodal power consumption/production forecast, using two data sources in large-scale LV/MV grid of SIG

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